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Thread: error 815 connecting through WAN miniport (PPOE)

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    error 815 connecting through WAN miniport (PPOE)

    I bought a brand new HP laptop that came with Windows Vista pre-installed. I connected it with my wireless router and internet shows connected. But when I try to open any web page, it says “error 815 connecting through WAN miniport (PPOE).”

    I even tried connecting the laptop with Ethernet cable but still the same error. I have other laptops connected with the same router and are working fine without any problems. Then whats the problem with this sole PC?

    Any help ?

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    As far as I know Error 815 is no way related to Vista or any windows operating system. Its actually authentication error to the server. You much contact your internet service provider to make sure you have all the software and settings needed in order to connect.

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    Error 815

    I found this site that might help. I am using vista home premium, but it should work for all 815 errors. Good luck.

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    Re: error 815 connecting through WAN miniport (PPOE)

    I am having a similar issue so thought I would add a post and see if anyone can assist.

    My internet has been working fine until 2 days ago when it suddenly stopped working. I am using Vista and direct ethernet connection from laptop to modem.

    I have called the ISP (Comcast) and they have checked all the settings on my computer. The network connection is working properly, as I am able to connect to internet from another computer with XP installed. However, the two computers I have with Vista don't work, both getting an error 815 message.

    ISP suggested I call Microsoft, as they have a note that this is a Vista patch issue, however Microsoft won't provide tech assistance until I have called the manufacturer. Both versions of Vista are OEM copies, but the manufacturers are different.

    The laptop works fine using a different cable connection, I have tried resetting the modem, powering off everything, changing registry settings, deleting and re-adding the Broadband PPPoE network setting, and accessing the modem to add MAC addresses (but can't get in using or

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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