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Thread: Network adapter 6TO4

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    Network adapter 6TO4

    I have a small problem with my Vista Home Edition desktop. I bought this a month ago, today when I went in to Device Manager, I found something called “Adapter 6TO4” listed under Network Adapters. I don’t knew what it is. It has yellow mark on it, and no drivers are installed for the same on my PC. When I searched I found that it belongs to Microsoft. Hence tried installing the drivers by right click it but neither system nor windows update find its drivers.

    So I wanted to know whether it is compulsory to keep this adapter in the list? If yes, what for is it used and where can I get its driver? If not, then can I simply uninstall / delete it?

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    RE: Network adapter 6TO4

    You are not alone with this, there are many more people I found on various forums asking for the same. Even I can see it listed in my computer and when I check its properties, it says “Code 31 - Cannot load driver.” While searching for help, a guy suggested me the following KB Article The article says it is Tunneling Address Protocol used to help enterprises transition to an IPv6 infrastructure.

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    Re: Network adapter 6TO4

    I don’t think you need to bother about 6TO4. I’m watching it since past 6 months on my Vista running Dell laptop. It has never harmed or interfered with anything though it has yellow mark in Device Manager. Soemwhere I found that it's only used for Ipv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) So it really shouldn't matter anyways as current infrastructure only uses version 4.

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