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Thread: Network Printer Goes Offline when Computer "sleeps"

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    Network Printer Goes Offline when Computer "sleeps"

    I own a HP 2840 printer. It has a wifi connectivity. At my home there is a linksys wifi router. The printer is configured for all the wifi to share. When the computer goes to sleep the printer went offline. I have to find it again the printer and faxes section. It has become complicated to make this thing constant. It is just not getting online at all. Is there any way by which I can keep this constant. On startup the printer is detected but when I wake the system from sleep mode it is lost.

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    This a kind of common bug with Windows Vista. It looses the wifi connectivity due to a internal bug. I think windows update can fix the issue. Try to get some fresh drivers and then check back again. Outdated drivers are one of the most common cause of failure. There is nothing you can do. One of my system which has vista always looses the connectivity on boot. It is just not remember anything. It fails and it become complicated to find appropriate fix for the same.

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    I am having pretty much the same issue. I am not able to find some workaround on the same. I thought that will not be complicated to find updates for Windows Vista. The printer is configured online and it is activated on the wifi. But somehow it fails to work and there is nothing I can do. There are around two laptops which are on the network. The XP one works fine with no problem but the other one that has Vista drop connectivity. I had seen numerous threads on this which has exactly the same kind of problem. I hope there will be some kind of solution available for this.

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    Check for Vista update. There you can find a set of options which will really help you. I think the wifi service is having some issue. I am using a usb wifi adapter on my Vista desktop. It works well. There is no problem at all. When you check for updates, Vista finds out relative information that can offer you more fixes and a number of issues are just solved. You can also find proper printer driver and update it. I hope that can fix the problem.

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    Re: Network Printer Goes Offline when Computer "sleeps"

    Thanks for the reply. It worked for my HP 2605DTN Printer. It was installed well but somehow it fails the connectivity. So I added the printer on a static ip and configure that on my laptop. It started working and now when the system is turned on the printer is still connected. You must also add all the devices which are shared on the network though ip address so that Vista can remember it. Due to lack of configuration this kind of problem are common.

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    Re: Network Printer Goes Offline when Computer "sleeps"

    It ain't the printer - it's vista. Windows 7 on the laptop sees the HP and the epson printers just fine while vista on he desktop on the same network can't see either. Delete the printer and add them again and things are fine until next time. I just need a menu item that says offline/online and it toggles it either way.

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