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Thread: Windows Wireless Can't Find Hidden Network

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    Windows Wireless Can't Find Hidden Network

    In our office’s small branch we have a network of hidden Wireless LAN whch is already running three laptops with Windows XP. This is running since past 2 years without any problem. We have hidden the SSID so no one could see it when they create their wireless LAN. Recently I bought a new HP laptop the came pre-installed with Windows Vista. Now the problem am facing is it cannot get the LAN unless we unhide the SSID. But we don’t want to unhide it.

    Is there any way or settings in Vista which can make it see the hidden SSID to connect? Please provide your suggestions. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Windows Wireless Can't Find Hidden Network

    Yes, there is a way you can connect your Vista laptop to this hidden SSID. To do so, unhide SSID for few minutes. Open ‘Network and Sharing center’ on your Vista, click ‘Manage wireless networks’, here leave just your network and delete all other available network. Now right click the network and select properties.

    On the ‘Connection Tab’ tick the boxes for ‘Connect automatically when this network is in range’ and ‘Connect even if the network is not broadcasting’. Now uncheck the box for ‘Connect to a more preffed network if available.’

    That’s it. Now hide again the SSID and you are done. You will see that your laptop will remain connected and will connect automatically to this hidden SSID.

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    Re: Windows Wireless Can't Find Hidden Network

    Thank you very much MikeY007 for such a great help. That worked perfectly. Too bad they don't give you instruction booklets when you get your computer. Appreciated.

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