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Thread: Acer 3680 does not connect to wifi network

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    Acer 3680 does not connect to wifi network

    I am trying to connect my second Acer 3680 laptop on the network. It has Windows Vista basic in it. There is a active wireless connection available but somehow it is not able to work. There is a D-Link router configured on the network. It is a public network. There is not password protection. When I had connected the first laptop that is the same model it worked. The problem only lies with the second laptop. All in all there are around 3 laptop connected on the network. Two are working and the single one is only that is loosing connection. I am not sure about the problem, but it looks like some kind of hardware fault. In the laptop we cannot even put a lan card to fix the issue.

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    You can type ping to ping your lan card. It will tell you whether it working fine or not. If there is any request time out error then you will have to carry the same to your nearest service center. My old laptop was not working on wifi. I thought the problem was with cable or router. But later on web I found a solution to test the internal lan card of laptop. Just by typing ping -t on cmd I was able to find that the card is not responding well. I bought a usb lan adapter that worked but it is really very slow compared to the on board. Driver updates also did not work well. At the end I have to get that replaced and it cost me a good amount.

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    That is a good way of testing. There is one more thing you can do. You can run diagnostic test to find out whether the router lan really respond or not. It is not at all complicated to do the same. You can go in Device Manager and then right click on the lan adapter. Choose uninstall. Restart your system and let Windows add it automatically. You must keep the drivers ready with you. If there is some issue with the same then the driver installation will fail to work. You have to provide the laptop cd or find the required driver from the official website.

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    re: Acer 3680 does not connect to wifi network

    After much trial and error, here is what I figured out: Uninstall McAfee. There is some security issue that it gets it's software panties in a bunch over. Uninstalling it eliminated the problem for me and allowed my computer to access my wireless network.

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    re: Acer 3680 does not connect to wifi network

    My sister gave me an Acer Aspire 3680 and i know a little about computers. And her laptop will not recognize any wireless connection, i am staying at my mothers who has WiFi and this laptop will not register it. And i been reading the threads on here and these options i have seen like managing wireless networks does not show up when i click on networking and sharing center...

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