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Thread: Joining Vista Home Basic to a Domain

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    Joining Vista Home Basic to a Domain

    I would like to join a Vista Home Basic machine to an existing domain. When I purchased the desktop from Dell I was told this was possible. Is it possible? If not, there are some applications that call files stored on our servers and since the desktop falls under the workgroup category every morning when I login I have to type in the adminitrator username and password. Can I join a Vista Home Basic desktop to a domain and how can I do it? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Joining Vista Home Basic to a Domain

    By design, the Vista home can't join the domain. However, you don't need to join the domain to access the domain network recourses. these search results may help, workgroup networking faqsHow can I share files between workgroup computer and domain/workgroup computer ... 3) Create the same username and password on both workgroup and domain so ...Even you have different workgroup name and domain, you can logon domain instead of workgroup at home, and logon the same username and password on other ...

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    Windows Vista Home Basic join Domain

    I have installed Windows Vista Home Basic on my boss' laptop. I must join in domain of company.
    Can you help me! To join laptop of my boss in our domain!

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    It is NOT possible with Home Basic. Return Home Basic and get Vista Business or Ultimate that can join a domain.

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