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Thread: how to change location of offline files?

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    how to change location of offline files?

    I have two windows Vista systems at my home connected with Home Network. I have set them to Sync each other using offline files. Due to some reason I wanted to change their sync location from storing on C drive to D drive. Is there any possible way to change the physical location of the offline files? If yes, please let me know how. Thank you.

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    Losing connectivity

    Hey even Iím getting similar problem with my Vista laptop and Windows XP laptop. Both are connected with are Wireless Network. Donít know why these both laptops keep losing connection between them time to time. Somebody said they lose connection when they go into sleep. Hence I disabled sleep mode on both systems but still the problem persist. Can anyone please let me know how can I fix this annoying problem?

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    Just follow these steps:
    • Disable offline files
    • Reboot Vista in safe mode command prompt only
    • Delete the CSC folder in the systemroot (usually C:\windows)
    • Create a symbolic directory link pointing to another location (e.g. mklink -d c:\windows\CSC d:\csc )
    • Reboot
    • Enable offline files

    For more help on the said issues, just follow these steps provided here:

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