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Thread: Unidentified Network: Limited Connectivity

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    Unidentified Network: Limited Connectivity

    I recently installed Windows Vista on one of my desktops. Installation went fine, all programs loaded properly, network adapter recognized properly and everything was working fine. Recently I tried installing “Nortel VPN client” which is actually for Windows XP only so far and am using it on my other XP computers successfully. Thought it is only for XP, I tried to install and make it work on Vista but it dint worked. So I thought to uninstall it but here the problem started. It was creating errors while uninstalling.

    So I thought to restore my system to earlier point assuming it will remove Nortel VPN client and will make my system as it was before installing Nortel. I restored the system successfully, Nortel was removed but the network icon in the system tray was showing "Unidentified Network" with "Limited Connectivity". Remember it was working fine before. I don’t have any idea what could be the cause of problem.

    Can someone please help me out fixing the same? Thank you.

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    Re: Unidentified Network: Limited Connectivity

    Here are few troubleshootings steps which can fix your Limited conenctivity problems:

    • If your computer is currently connected to the Internet and the LAN without any connection problem, you may want to disable the message "Limited or No Connectivity".
    • If you are using DHCP, verify DHCP server is available on your network and other computers can access it.
    • Download and install the Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB884020)
    • Check hardware connection and configuration.
    • If you are using wireless, check this page, Sent packets only on a wireless computer and Limited or no connection
    • Check firewall, spyware and winsock settings.

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