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Thread: Loss of network after sleep mode.

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    Loss of network after sleep mode.

    I recently upgraded my laptop from Windows XP to Windows Vista Home Premium. I never had any network problem with Xp on this laptop so far. But with Vista, network connects fine, but when the system goes into sleep mode and comes back, I get an error message saying: “unable to detect network.” Along with this the pop up also suggests that it could be problem with the driver or hardware and tells me to re-install.

    However, instead of re-installing drivers and hardware, I just need to restart the laptop and problem gets solved. Internet/Network connects fine unless it goes into sleep again.

    Is it any kind of BUG in Vista OS? Is there any patch or permanent solution for the same? Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Loss of network after sleep mode.

    There are some cases where power saving mode can be set on the NIC, but the AP doesn't support it. Please check updates for your wireless driver - it may help.

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    Take a look at

    According to this solution, using ipconfig /renew will refresh the wireless connection with the router.

    Resolutions of losing network after sleep mode

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    Re: Loss of network after sleep mode.

    I had the same issue today - none of the above helped directly. What was happening in my case was that the LAN driver was being dropped upon resume. This fix worked for me:
    * Open Device Manager
    * See if the LAN Network Adapter appears as a device
    * If not, Right Click on your computer name
    * Choose "Scan for Hardware Changes"

    In my case the LAN device re-appeared but when I performed an IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Box however, it had not picked up a correct IP address. But doing a IPCONFIG /RENEW fixed it!

    Thanks for all who gave the above useful tips to solve this rather silly problem with Vista.

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    Re: Loss of network after sleep mode.

    Please check updates for your wireless driver it may help.But When power save mode is enabled for an 802.11 wireless network adapter,The access point receiving frames with the power save option set determines that the client adapter wishes to enter power save mode, and begins buffering packets for the client adapter while it is asleep. The client adapter’s radio periodically wakes up and communicates with the access point to retrieve the buffered packets.However, this power savings scheme for 802.11 wireless adapters depends on cooperation of the access point.Issue is that many access points do not implement or support the power save feature correctly. Some broken access points keep sending the packets to the client—even when the client adapter’s radio is asleep. The packets sent to the client radio while it is asleep are lost, which leads to the connectivity, performance and throughput issues that some Windows Vista beta users were encountering.

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    Re: Loss of network after sleep mode.

    I am not a MS "Engineer" but this worked for me:

    - Open 'Control Panel', Click on 'Network and Sharing Center' then click on 'Manage Network Connections' in the left sidebar.

    - Right click on your connection, usually 'Local Area Connection', then click properties.

    - Click on the 'Configure' button, then the 'Advanced' tab.

    - Go to 'Reset PHY If Not In Use' and change the value to 'Enable'.

    - Click 'Ok' and restart your computer.

    I tried all the other fixes and they did nothing for me as well. This was on a Vista machine with a nVidia router. Hope this helps - I searched everywhere for a solution to this problem and finally stumbled on to this myself. Like I said, I'm no MS Support "ENGINEER" just a frustrated user!


    P.S. It will take a few seconds for your Internet connection to re-establish after coming out of Sleep mode, but it beats having to reset the network adaptor. It may have done this orginially, but it is such a quick reset you would never notice anyway.

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    Re: Loss of network after sleep mode.


    Go to

    Local Area Network Properties

    IPV4 Properties

    GO TO Alternate Configuration TAB

    **DONT SELECT** automatic private ip address

    Use User Configured and provide an IP address

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