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Thread: Cisco VPN Reason 442

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    Cisco VPN Reason 442

    I am working in a remote sales office and I installed the Cisco VPN client on the laptop that I have while connecting to my wireless network and then connecting to the VPN at the headquarters without any problems. But when I go at my place and connect the home network and then start the client then I will get the "Reason 442: Cannot enable the virtual adaptor" error. After trying to connect from home now I am not able to connect at the office either. If I remove the client and reinstall then it will work either at home or work. But when I try to connect to the VPN while getting internet access from a network other than the one I was on when I installed the client then I again get the Reason 442 error. This was working fine on Windows XP but on Vista it wont. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

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    Re: Cisco VPN Reason 442

    I have done some tests on this and I didnt have the same problem. I think that you might need to remve Cisco VPN Client manually. If it is not working then you can check out some discussions in Cisco support about this issue.

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    Are you using the Cisco VPN client v5 because I havent used it so far, but I still think that you can check Allow Local LAN Access and see if that work, even though the issue "The local device name is already in use" is different. Are you gettting this message when you are trying to map a remote computer drive or so?

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    Follow the below method and see if that works for you or not:

    1. First of all try to enable CISCO Network adaptor from network connections CISCO VPN Network Adaptor in Windows XP
    2. Aftert that you need to right click on it ->Navigate to properties –> Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from General tab –> and again Click Properties
    3. Yuo will then have to set it to receive IP address automatically by selecting “Obtain IP address Automatically”
    4. After that you need to press OK and again ‘Repair’ this connection by right clicking same Network adaptor.
    5. Latly, once this whole process completes, disable the same network adaptor.

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