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Thread: Unidentified network hard problem

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    Unidentified network hard problem

    I already have a Windows Xp computer connected with D-Link DSL-G604T router. There is no problem of connectivity on the same. Yesterday I download Vista RC3 and did a clean install on one of my Desktops. Installation went fine, and Vista is also working great. But the only problem am facing is there is no internet connection.

    In the network section, it is saying “Limited or no Connectivity”, Network and sharing center shows “Unidentified network.” It also shows that lot of packets send but 0 received. I have connected this vista with as-rock dual sata 2 ethernet cable with my router.

    Any idea what is wrong with Vista and how to get it done? Please provide some working solution.

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    RE: Unidentified network hard problem

    I had this exact problem couple of weeks ago on my Vista. After doing lots of troubleshooting finally I managed to fix it anyhow. This is what I did: I started with the Network connection properties which was creating the problem. Then I selected 'Internet Protocol Version 4' and entered an IP address manually. Also configured subnet mask, default gateway and the ip addresses with my Internet Service Provider's DNS servers and the problem gone. Just give it a try, I’m sure it will help you out.

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    RE: Unidentified network hard problem

    Hey Winckle, even I’m struggling with very similar error. Can you help me please? It is windows vista computer connected with Netgear router whos network and sharing center says that the system is connected with unidentified network and there is no internet access. Even I tried entering subnet mask, IP and everything else manually, but still it cannot access internet. Also none of my other computers are able to access Vista shared files. What should I do ?

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    RE: Unidentified network hard problem

    OK Elettra, first of all make sure you have turned off your windows firewall. Also if there is any third party firewall installed just uninstall them. Because Netgear use to have its own firewall and hence you don’t need any else. Qpart from this do you have the DNS server ip addresses?

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