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Thread: "Unidentified network", can't turn on sharing

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    "Unidentified network", can't turn on sharing

    I have got an Asus mother that has 2 lan ports. One is connected to Comcast internet and the other is connected to a small home lan with some couple of devices on it. I am using ICS with my home computer to let my home lan devices access the internet. After I installed Vista then the internet was working fine, but the home network was showing "Unidentified network". I can change the same to Private but I am not able to rename it to Home lan because the name Unidentified Network is read-only. Can anyone help me in this situation. Thanks

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    Re: "Unidentified network", can't turn on sharing

    Even I was facing same issue after installing Vista and after so much troubleshooting I finally found the solution. You have to Turn off the power-saving option in the network adapter's properties (wired network adapters only). And then uncheck the adapter properties and power saving option and then the home network will appear again.

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    Re: "Unidentified network", can't turn on sharing

    I followed your solution but that didnt work for me. The network that I am using is on and working, but it's still giving me "Unidentified Network". My main issue is that I am not able to turn on file or printer sharing without turning it on for the internet connection that I am using as well as the NIC?

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    Even I have Vista RTM and this issue is not solved yet. You can not have the Internet connection set to Public, your other LAN set to Private and File Sharing turned on. Also, pc-> (multiple networks) -> Internet happens with RTM as well.

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