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Thread: Unable to ping/tracert in Vista (5536/5600/5728)

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    Unable to ping/tracert in Vista (5536/5600/5728)

    I have a Asus motherboard and am running dual boot on it with Windows XP and Windows Vista. I am using the Verizon Online DSL 3.0/768 PPPOE ethernet with a Westell 6100 and have disabled the router firewall. On XP, ping and tracert commans are properly working and there is no problems accessing to the internet as well. But on Vista, I am not able to use ping and tracert, when I try to do it then it willl give me "Request timed out." So does this means that there is some issues with INTEL PRO/1000 CT NIC in Vista? Can anyone suggest some fix? Thanks.

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    RE: Unable to ping/tracert in Vista (5536/5600/5728)

    I think that Windows Onecare has got some kind of a setting to block the ICMPv4 inbound activity, so try to follow the below things first and see if that helps:
    1. You have to open windows onecare live window from the taskbar icon
    2. After that you can try to click change onecare settings
    3. Now you have to go to firewall tab
    4. After that you need to click advanced settings button
    5. After that you have to go to ports and protocols tab
    6. Simply, tick the ICMPv4 inbound tickbox

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    RE: Unable to ping/tracert in Vista (5536/5600/5728)

    If you are unable to ping your computer's IP address after removing and reinstalling your network adapter driver, contact the manufacturer of your network adapter to verify that you are using the appropriate Windows NT driver for your network adapter. More information can be found here -

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