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Thread: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

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    NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

    I have a MSI K8N NEO 4F and the onboard controller stated NVIDIA nForce4 chipset is not working properly. It will find the lan but has limited connectivity and am unable access the internet via the router. This controller used to work fine under Windows XP. The internet connection wizard only shows a dialog box allowing me to connect to "Internet PPPoE Connection". I am now using the Netgear FA311/FA312 PCI card which is working fine in Windows Vista for the time being, but if there is any solution for the other card then it would be appreciated.

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    RE: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

    Even I have got Nforce 4 chipset which is working properly under Windows Vista and the PPPoe connection seems to be in the network area by default, just ignore it. After that go to tools and then internet options and then check Internet in the Window Box and then uncheck the box in the lower left corner that says ENABLE PROTECTED MODE with not secure. Also you have to do the same under Intranet and trusted sites. And that let me to connect wired and wirelessly via every kind of adapter, just try it out and it will work for you.

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    Try to go to into the lan controller properties and manually set the ip, subnet and domain. For that you will need to enter for the IP or any number that is not being used, the subnet mask of your router and the ip address of your router probably Only ensure not to use the ip that is already being used.

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