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Thread: Wifi connection down on HP desktop.

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    Wifi connection down on HP desktop.

    Need help with a frustrating issue.

    I can't get my desktop to connect. It shows no signals that it an connect to. I had to move the whole machine to the basement as I cleared out the office for my newborn son. Obviously, the Internet in general works for my laptop, xbox, and iPad otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.

    Normally, there is a blue LED light lit up to show it's getting a signal, but nothing now. The two devices are about ten feet and 1 floor between them.

    I have tried the ipconfig route, looked at my adapters, and the machine won't find a signal.

    Machine is a HP media centre pc running vista. M7760n. Using a net gear router.

    I've done everything I can to get it going. Getting desperate. Need it for work.


    H yeah, I can't even get it to find the wireless printer on the same desk. It doesn't see any wifi enabled devices.
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    Re: Wifi connection down on HP desktop.

    Hello did you try with the reentering the WEP and WPA keys. if not then try it again and see if its working for you or not. if its not helpful for you then i will suggest you to visit the HP wireless network center. i am sure their you will get proper solution for your query.

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