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Thread: Wireless suddenly local access only?

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    Wireless suddenly local access only?

    I have two laptops, one is Sony Vaio VGN-FW370j with Vista Home Premium and other is Toshiba with Vista Home basic. Both of these computers are connected wirelessly to a same router. On my sony laptop, yesterday I did all my work on internet, left it ON and went to bed. Everything was working fine but today morning when I came back, I saw Vista showing “local access only” on the network. It is not allowing me to access internet any more.

    I though, as the laptop was on, Windows update might have installed something which might have caused the problem, hence I restored my system to a restore point created one week ago but still the problem persists. No internet connection yet. But my Toshiba laptop is still able to browse Internet without any problem. So its sure router is fine, problem is somewhere on my Vista itself.

    Any suggestions what should I do now? Many thanks.

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    Re: Wireless suddenly local access only?

    Hey, you need to turn off your Windows Firewall as well as all other third-party firewalls to fix this issue. If the certain IP address is blocked to access Internet by inbox Windows Firewall in Vista, it will shows as Local Access Only. Meanwhile also go to your Router’s manufacturer website and see if there is any new firmware available. If yes, update your router to the latest firmware and install its latest drivers on your system.

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    Re: Wireless suddenly local access only?

    Thanks for the help Mr.Walter. if it was my firewall and all, then how it was working till yesterday night since past 6 months. It happened yesterday suddenly though I dint made any changes in the system. Anyways, I’ll try disabling the firewalls. Also my router’s firmware and drivers are already updated to the most recent version.

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