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Thread: Public network change to Private network

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    I am having a dual boot system with Windows XP and Vista. I actually installed Vista to experience it first before uninstalling the XP completely. But when I started the installation then I accidentally set the network to public when setting up. After that whatever I do, I am not able to get Vista to keep the network to private setting? Only when it will not find public network, then I am able to change it to private and then get the internet connection. So can anyone tell me how do I set it to private network permanently? I have got a Dlink router by the way? Thanks for any help.

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    re: Public network change to Private network

    You can try to download the free Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from here - and then install Vista on it or as many operating systems as you want. After that the Operating System can work in any network between themselves and thus can use the internet as well.

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    re: Public network change to Private network

    Even I was facing same issue but was able to fix it, although this might not be what you are looking for, but you can give it a try. The network that I was using was showing as Unidentified Network in the Network and Sharing center and then I ran the Securty Policy Editor by going into Start and then Run and then typing secpol.msc. After that choose the Network List Policies under the Security Settings and then choose Unidentifed Network from the Network Names showing and then click on Action and then Properties and then set the location type to Private.

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