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Thread: Ping but the response is

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    Ping but the response is

    I have two laptops running with same Windows Vista Home Premium. Recently I bought a Canon PIXMA MP 628 printer and installed on the network. I can access this printer without any problem from one of my laptops, but not from my second laptop. I checked device manager, updated all required drivers including printer drivers from Canon’s website but it dint fixed the problem.

    I thought to ping the Printer’s IP Address which is When I ping this address from command prompt, I get the response saying: "Reply from Destination Host Unreachable." How is that possible? I mean I’m pinging and getting response from

    Any idea and help to get the printer work on both laptops?

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    Re: Ping but the response is

    Many times when you cannot reach the remote networking device, you may receive such responses. could be local computer’s IP. Anyway, just try running “ipconfig /all” in command prompt and reply back with the results.

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