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HP Wireless Assistant fails to find Wifi connection on Vista

Windows Vista Network

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Old 25-08-2008
Join Date: Oct 2005
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HP Wireless Assistant fails to find Wifi connection on Vista

I am having a Compaq Presario V3231AU. It has Windows Vista business edition in it. I am getting a wifi problem with the laptop. I bought it second hand. And at the time of buying I had checked everything was working well. But suddenly the wifi stopped work. There is nothing I can do. I was using Wifi from long time. But recently I stopped using it. It is now almost after a month when I turned it on HP Wifi Assistant is not able to find any connectivity. It is very annoying. I am not able to find any active connection here and I am not at all satisfied with the same. The signal which is detected in the laptop is quiet strong. But it fails to work actively. I hope there will be some kind of working solution for the same.

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Old 03-09-2008
Join Date: Sep 2004
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I am too having the same kind of issue. I am not able to find a working solution for it. I am a bit confused where the problem lies. Is it with the OS or with the wifi device. I had turned that Off and the back On but still the issue lies the same. I had tried to find a working settings for WLAN but that also did not worked well. I had configured all the settings on auto but still the connectivity fails. Later on someone had suggested me to go with auto settings and it started working. There is no problem rightnow.
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Old 03-09-2008
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re: HP Wireless Assistant fails to find Wifi connection on Vista

Try to reset your router settings. And the same is applicable for the modem also. Once the settings are restored then try to go with manual configuration. Like adding the IP and dns servers. Save those settings and then try to play. If still the wifi is interrupting then ensure that there is no additional wifi connection at your home or nearby. Sometime multiple connectivity cause the drop. When you are playing games try to stay near to the router. Gaming needs a good bandwidth. I think manual configuration is enough to resolve the issue.
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Old 07-09-2008
Join Date: Sep 2004
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This can be a driver problem also. No need to reset the router or modem. Go in Device Manager and right click on your wifi adapter. Choose update drivers. You can visit the official website of your system manufacturer and arrange new drivers for the same. New drivers makes your system more stable and offers better connectivity. The drop is much more common today and somehow there is on way to fix the problem. Driver updates is the most easiest way to get rid of issue. Also if the router is kept at far distance from the existing place this king of problem appears.
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Old 01-10-2008
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I got that problem some months ago on my laptop. I had tried many things. Driver updates, resetting router, etc. But none of those thing worked out. Later on I carried the laptop to the service center and got it replaced. The wifi started working fine. The problem was with the wifi. Because the same internet on other network work like charm. Only on the laptop it was breaking. I had downloaded a wifi monitoring utility that showed me constant failure. The laptop was under warranty so the card go replaced for free.
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Old 11-10-2008
Join Date: Oct 2008
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a solution... sort of.

I've been looking for information on this problem for a few weeks now. I contacted HP Total Care via their on-line chat, and got a response which fixed my wireless internet problem... but then it broke again and the same fix did not work. I thought I'd post it here in case it works (permanently) for any of you. But be aware: it might just break again!

I have an HP Pavilion tx1000 and I'm running Windows Vista Home. If you have a different model HP, I can't say whether this will work and I advise you not to try it. Contact HP Total Care and ask them!

Okay, get ready: it's a big set of instructions (you might want to print them off.) Here's what I was told, word for word:

Step 1 : Reinstall the wireless driver from the recovery manager by :
1.Click Start and type Recovery in the Search field.
2. Select Recovery Manager, and when the wizard opens, click the Advanced options button.
3. Select Hardware driver re-installation, and click Next, view the prompt and Next.
4. Select the desired program or driver from the list ( Broadcom/Realtek Wireless driver ), and click Next

After installing the above driver restart the Notebook:

Step 2:BIOS Update : From the following Weblink Install the BIOS Update file:

Step 3 : Enable the WLAN Autoconfig service in services.
1. Tap window key (flag key ) and R key on the notebook at once. You would see the Run box. Type SERVICES.MSC and hit enter. Now you would see the Services window.

2. Double click on the WLAN Autoconfig. Now click on Start/Stop and then set it to Start and again set the service type to Automatic. Click on Apply and Click on OK.

Step 4 : BIOS RESET:
1. Click Start, Shut Down, and then click Restart.
2. When the HP logo appears, press the F10 key to enter BIOS configuration utility.
3. Press F9 to load the setup defaults.
4. When changes are finished, Save and > Restart the notebook.
5. Press Enter to confirm and restart the notebook.

Check if the wireless is working

If the issue persists even after performing the above steps then continue with the below steps else ignore the below steps:

After performing the above steps please perform the below steps:

1. Shutdown the Notebook. And disconnect all cables from the notebook including Ethernet cable, AC adapter connection, Printer connection and make sure that Nothing is connected and the notebook is stand alone (free of all kind of wires and connections).

2. Turn off the Wireless router and Turn off the Modem at your home.

3. Turn off all other computers at your home including Laptop and desktop computers.

4. Now turn on the Modem. Wait for 30 seconds.

5. Now turn on the Wireless Router Wait for 1 minute.

6. Now turn on your HP notebook on which the wireless is not working. And do not turn on any other computer or do not connect any kind of cable to the notebook.

7. Make sure that you have switched on the wireless button.

8. Now Right click on the wireless icon the right bottom side on the screen and Click on View available networks. And verify if your wireless network is listed or not.

9. If any wireless network is not listed Contact our chat support right away . (If possible contact us from any other computer not from the same notebook).

10. If wireless network is listed, Select your network and click on Connect button.

11. If it prompts for Secured wireless key enter the key number, enter the security key (if you have the security key). If you do not have the security key, you need to contact the Router manufacturer. As this key is located on the Router not on the notebook. You need to contact the router manufacturer and ask to clear the security key of the router.

12. If the notebook is connecting to wireless then start using wireless and turn on the other computers at home while the notebook is on and wireless is working.

So, like I said this worked perfectly for me. Then the next time I turned on my laptop, the wireless was back to the same problem. I did the steps again and nothing. I hope any tx1000 users out there have better luck!
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Old 25-01-2009
Join Date: Jan 2009
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re: HP Wireless Assistant fails to find Wifi connection on Vista

I think the one trick they forgot to mention or didn't know about was making some files read only. I cannot remember for the life of me what they are but I am going to find out before I try Epione's routine.
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Old 21-02-2011
Join Date: Feb 2011
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re: HP Wireless Assistant fails to find Wifi connection on Vista

i wonder how this can be of help to any of you guys.
i had a similar issue but mild one. the wireless on my hp laptop was not detecting any of the available networks . even though it used to detect most all of them before. at the same moment my desktop pc had access to all the networks to the internet. i had installed a certain software a day before so i only uninstalled that software, rebooted my laptop and voila!! on, the network came.
now everything is working fine.
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