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Thread: Error 0x800CCC0E while sending mails from Windows Mail

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    Error 0x800CCC0E while sending mails from Windows Mail

    I am constantly getting 0x800CCC0E error while sending mails through Windows Mail. I am using Windows Vista 32bit system. I need some help to fix the issue. I think the outgoing server affected and it is not allowing to send any email. I am on AT&T network. I am using McAfee antivirus and I am sure it is not causing any problem. The issue might lie with something else.

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    It is due to outgoing mail server. Your server is either blocked by some security application or it is not working due to which you are getting that error. It is recommended that you must reconfigure your account or contact your ISP to deal with the issue. You can ask your ISP to provide you different settings for the mails server. This is always a issue with private networks. Disable your antivirus and then check back.

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    I experienced the same error while trying to send outgoing mail through a brand new laptop utilizing and Trend Antivirus. After researching every forum I could fine and of course trying most of the tips without avail. I decided to try another ISP Provider, which I already had through my local cable company and I had no problem sending mail through their server. So here's what I done to fix my issue, I changed the outgoing messages server to my cable server ( instead of Bellsouths server ( ) input my username and password with the Bellsouth Email account. Now I can receive mail from both email addresses, although I use just the cable server to send all outgoing messages. FYI - The server does not change my email address so no knows the difference.

    Hope this helps!
    Rebecca Concienne
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    The Outlook error is very very general in nature. So many things can cause this to happen. The error basically means that your unable to connect to the outbound server address listed. Most of the time, this prevents you from reaching the incoming server address as well. I had this happen not too long ago myself. I found out it wasn't my fault, it was because I was connected to the MSN network at the time. This error is very very rare though. I would suggest running through this site that has a step by step tutorial for fixing this. This is what I bookmarked when I fixed my Outlook Express email client when I was having the 0x800CCC0E similar problem. To me it sounds like the ISP your using may have begun to block standard port 25 to prevent spam. More and more ISP's even to this day are jumping on the band wagon, forcing you to use ports 26 or 587. I could be wrong and there could be other issues here at work. This is why I suggest a walk through like the example listed above. Good luck fixing it. If you still can't resolve it after going over the research, you can send me a PM or email me here:

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    It is a connection failure issue. If you start the configuration from scratch then I am sure this issue can be resolved. First you have to check the port settings. Your outgoing mail server users a port. If that is blocked by the security application then this type of error appears. There are different configuration settings for private networks. You need to talk to the ISP for that or you can search web. There are detailed guide available.

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    Did you ever get an answer to your problem? I am having exactly the same issues with Vista and Outlook 2007. HELP!

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