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Thread: Transfer contacts and messages from outlook

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    Transfer contacts and messages from outlook

    Hey guys, need some urgent help. So far I was using Outlook as my default email client on old Windows XP based desktop and it contains various important contacts and emails. Last week I bought a new Vista computer and configured Windows Mail.

    Now what I need is to import all Mails and Contacts from XP Outlook to Vista Mail. Is that possible? If yes, please let me know how. Thank you .

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    Re: Transfer contacts and messages from outlook

    Outlook use to save the files in .pst format, whereas Windows Mail wont read that format. But yet it is possible. What you can do is first install Outlook Express on your same old XP computer. Import that PST file in to Express and create a new backup in .dbx format from outlook express itself.

    Now move that dbx file to new Vista computer and import it using Windows mail import wizard. Your all emails and contacts will show up in Windows Mail.

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    Re: Transfer contacts and messages from outlook

    Thatís the only correct way of getting outlook pst files to new Windows mail. If you donít know how you can move outlook to outlook express, just check this article with step by step process:

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    Re: Transfer contacts and messages from outlook

    The best way to do this is do download Dmailer sync it allows you to synchronzie all your email data (including contacts) from Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail and saves it to a memory stick. Then you can restore that data to Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail. You can even synchronize your files and internet Bookmarks or Favorites at the same time if you want, this is helpful if you are moving computer.Using this software will not cost you because you can do this within the free 30 day trial period.

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