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Thread: Out-of-office reply and automatic forward

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    Out-of-office reply and automatic forward

    I use Windows Mail on Vista Desktop as default client. Now for some reason I am moving out of station for about two weeks. So, I wanted to know how can I set up automatic mail forwarding to my Hotmail Email Address and Auto out-of-office reply in Windows Mail?

    Please let me know soon. Thank you.

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    Re: Out-of-office reply and automatic forward

    Actually there is no such option in Windows Mail for Auto Forwarding and Auto Reply. But you can do it from the web based email client of your service provider. For example, if it is for Google Mail, go to Gmail Options and you will get the option there.

    But I donít think this is useful, infact you are inviting the spammers who send emails randomly by typing anything and when they will get a reply from your address, it confirms that the email address is actually working and they will keep on sending your mails.

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    Yeah, there is no option in Outlook or Windows Mail for auto reply or forwarding. You will need to it from your original email providerís website.

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