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Thread: yahoo mail

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    yahoo mail

    Hi, I installed Vista 32bit on a new PC and setup windows Mail with yahoo Pop3 account. The setup went fine but am just unable to send or receive any email. I donít know what the problem is. Can you guys please check? My setup is as follows:
    Incoming Mail Server (POP3): Use SSL, port: 995
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication
    And this is the error I keep getting every time:
    Pop3, Server Response: '-ERR popgate unknown command' Prt 995, Secure (SSL): Yes Server
    Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC18 ail.
    Somebody please help

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    Re: yhaoo mail

    Hello longevity, first of let me tell you that Yahoo wont provide you POP3 access. You need to get Yahoo Plus account by paying extra $20 for the same to get access of POP. The same thing stands for hotmail as well.

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    I upgraded my Yahoo to yahoo plus last year just to get itís pop3 access. If yours is just a normal yahoo email, you wont get it done in Windows Mail or any email client instead of yahooís own web based one. You can get more info about the same here:

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