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Thread: "*.pps is not a valid Win32 application" error message

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    "*.pps is not a valid Win32 application" error message

    I have got Windows Vista on my computer and if I try to open PPS file that is attached to an email message in Windows Mail, then I will get some kind of error that states "*.pps is not a valid Win32 application". I have already installed the Powerpoint Viewer 2007 and when I usually download and save the same file on my computer desktop then it will just open fine. I am also able to open the PPS files just by starting the Powerpoint Viewer 2007 and then browsing my computer for opening it. Since I want to open attachments in Windows Mail, I would like to know who will be able to solve this problem.

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    I was finally able to solve this problem by going into default programs and then changing the "associate a file type with a program", which was associated to Microsoft Office 2007 Component, to PowerPoint Viewer 2007 and when it was done, I was able to open the attachment in Windows Mail without any issues.

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    How exactly did you correct that? This is the only part I'm having problems with

    Not really that obvious as I found out, I'm probably using the wrong file path to find it since the best I got was 2007 Microsoft Office Componnent and it wont work >.< 2007 Power Point Viewer isn't listed though it is installed

    Can you please tell me what file path to use to get to it?

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    Below is an alternate method to hopefully solve this problem.

    1. Click Start->Control Panel->Folder Options.
    2. Click on the File Types tab when the Folder Options dialog appears.
    3. After a few seconds of loading you will see a list of file extensions. Scroll to and highlight the PPS extension.
    4. Click on the Change button.
    5. You will be presented with a list of programs; choose the one which you would like to view PPS files with and then confirm.

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