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Thread: socket error 10060 0x800CCCOE smtp

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    socket error 10060 0x800CCCOE smtp

    Hi, today am not here to ask for help but to post something that may help other people facing the same problem as I was. I am using Windows Mail as my default email client on Windows Vista since long time. After working fine so far suddenly a problem raised two weeks ago were I was unable to send any emails from my account. There was no problem with the reception but I was unable to send.

    I read few discussion where many have suggested to go to Comcast (my service provider too) website and follow the instruction mentioned over there regarding the settings. I did the same but the only difference I found there was my "server requires authentication" wasn’t checked. Well I checked the same but that wasn’t helpful. There was also mentioned that "Outgoing mail(SMTP) under "Advanced" tab was not supposed to be "25" but "587".

    I only change the port to 587 and everything got resolved. So if there are any members facing email sending problem with Windows mail can try changing the port and it will start working.

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    Re: socket error 10060 0x800CCCOE smtp

    Thanks for sharing the useful info Mike, and happy to hear that you solved your problem. Even I was facing the same problem and here are my settings that is working very good (if anyone requires):
    • Incoming server protocol: IMAP
    • Incoming (IMAP) server: ask from service provider
    • Outgoing (SMTP) server: ask from serice provider
    • E-mail user name and passwork: as normal
    • Save password: yes
    • Outgoing mail server uses authentication: yes
    • Outgoing mail (SMTP) port: 587
    • This server uses SSL protection: yes
    • Incoming mail (IMAP) server: 143
    • This server uses SSL protection: no

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    Re: socket error 10060 0x800CCCOE smtp

    Hey guys, I appreciate your suggestions and posting your settings but let me tell you that each and every service provider have their own unique settings for POP3 and IMAP. So we must always confirm once from their official pages about the same.

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