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Thread: Can't receive mail using Windows Live Mail

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    Can't receive mail using Windows Live Mail

    I am using Windows Vista on my laptop and also have a desktop with Windows Xp. I am using comcast for one of the email accounts that I am using and I have downloaded the settings from my XP machine to my laptop with the help of easy transfer. I am able to send mail by using this account but cannot receive any mail on it. I am using a hotmail account and the desktop with Windows XP and mcafee are having no issues receiving the mail. I was also having mcafee installed on my laptop and after reading from somewhere that it conflicts with Windows Mail, I have removed it and installed Avast but still that didnt help me either. Any ideas?

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    Have you remving the mcafee antivirus from the laptop by using the McAfee cleanup utility by downloading it from here - Also have you installed avast by using the standard install method or with some other method? If you have done a standard install then I would recommend you to uninstall it and then install it by choosing the custom install and here you will have to leave out the part that scans email. By the way does any of the incoming message go to your deleted items folder or just you Junk email folder that could be marked as already read probably.

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    If still the above solution doesnt work then you can try to install Windows Live Mail which is totally bug free compared to Windows Mail in Vista. Windows Live Mail is a desktop application that provides access to multiple email accounts from one place (even Yahoo! Premium and Gmail accounts): search for messages in multiple accounts, move and organize your messages into one click, get an overview of your messages in the reading pane, benefit from analysis. It also has a powerful antivirus cleaning tool, block suspicious messages, destroy one click spam, protect against email accounts mails phishing instantly.

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