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Thread: Cannot open PDF attachment in Windows Mail

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    Cannot open PDF attachment in Windows Mail

    I am getting some error that says "This file does not have a progam associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel", when I recieve an email with a PDF file attached in it and after trying to open this in Windows Mail. But after downloading the same file on desktop and then double clicking to open it then the adobe acrobat reader will start immediately, so this means that file association is not having any problems here. Can anybody help me out?

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    I think that this is a very popular windows mail bug known to many people. But in any case you can save the attachment on the desktop and then open the saved file outside of Windows Mail anytime. Other than this you can even try the below method:

    1. First of all click on Start, then go to "Default Programs"
    2. After that click "Associate a file type or protocol"
    3. Now you have to select .PDF from the list and click "Change program"
    4. After that you need to select "Adobe Reader" (do this even if it's already the default handler for PDFs) and then click OK

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    Can you go to Registry Editor by clicking on Start and then in the search box type regedit. After that you have to go to the following registry key - [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.PDF] and then double click the default value and set its data as "AcroExch.Document" (without quotes). After that close the registry editor and then restart Windows. Now check whether you are able top open a pdf document from within Windows Mail or not.

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