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    Gmail Account....

    Hey guys, need a bit help from you all. I am using Windows Live and have configured Gmail as POP3 with the same. Whenever someone send me any mail on Gmail, I receive it in my web based gmail client, but I don’t get it in my Windows Live inbox.

    I checked the settings, seems proper. What could be wrong? Any idea?

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    Re: Gmail Account....

    Gmail is the one and only email provider that provides the best and easiest POP3 / IMAP settings that get configured without any error. The reason behind not getting the mails in Windows Live would be ports. You might have setup wrong ports. Just checkout this URL and follow the instructions provided:

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    Re: Gmail Account....

    Thank you very much for the reply friend, but I already have crossed checked my settings form that gmail support page itself. Everything is correct.

    What else could be the reason?

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    Re: Gmail Account....

    By default Gmail POP3 access is not enabled. If this is the first time you are configuring it for POP3 or IMAP, then first login to Gmail on your browser (web based client Go to settings and enable POP3/IMAP. Now try sending any email to yourself. You will get it in Windows Live as well.

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