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Thread: Can't Delete Contacts in Windows Contact List ... WHY?

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    Can't Delete Contacts in Windows Contact List ... WHY?

    There are some contact names which I am not able to delete that have recently entered in the Windows Contacts list. And if I am trying to delete those names then windows explorer says that it has stopped working then my it will restart but still the names are there. Also, if I try to delete the names by right clicking on them then Windows Explorer restarts again. How do I delete the name that I dont want to from my Windows Contact List.

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    Can you tell us what steps you are taking to delete the Contacts? Are you trying to delete it from the Windows Explorer? Why dont you use the contacts button in Windows Mail? Many a times if you have a slow computer with limited amount of memory then you will see a Not Responding message for specific period of time. So when you click the mouse on same task or some try to open some other things then you might trigger an abnormal exit from Windows Explorer. So the only solution to this problem is to wait for sometime.

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    You can try to follow the below method to fix this problem:
    1. First of all you have to open Contacts folder.
    2. After that you need to take that unwanted contacts ears with your mouse and drag/drop into recycle bin.
    3. That will be it, you should be fine and the problem will be gone.

    Other solution would be to upgrade to Windows Live Mail, you can download the same from here -

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