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Thread: Where is Associations Control Panel?

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    Where is Associations Control Panel?

    Can anyone tell me where is File Association in Control Panel. I am not able to setup default settings. I am trying to configure the mail program. But I am not able to find any settings in Control Panel. I am looking for Set Association option. Can anyone guide me where it is. Thanks.

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    Go to Control Panel and then look for Programs. There you can find Default Programs. You can there set the default application based on file you want to open. It is easy to configure and there is no need to do any changes. The file association is set through here. There is no other option available in Windows Vista.

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    If you already tried the control panel > defualt programs ....etc try this

    Follow those instructions from the link provided below but use whatever filetype it is that your are haveing problems with. If there is not a Repair option in the Help> Repair "program name" You will need reinsert the install disc and choose the repair option. Or whatever needs to take place for you to repair the program. In worst case scenario you can unistall and reinstall the program (AFTER) you use the application to remove the file extension.
    When you attempt to open a .PDF file that came as a mail attachment in Windows Mail, the following error may occur:

    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel.
    This may happen even though you have Adobe Reader installed. Also, the same file may open correctly when saved to disk and then viewed.

    This article applies to Windows® Vista systems with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
    Proposed solution
    This error occurs if the file type association for .PDF is incorrect. You can fix this using the steps below.

    Removing .PDF file type association

    Select .PDF from the list and click Delete file type
    The file type association for .PDF is now removed.
    Repairing Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Right-click on the Adobe Reader shortcut and click Run as administrator.
    From the Help menu in Adobe Reader, click Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
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    You can also find that in Folder Options. There is a separate tab named as File Association. It is sad to find that Vista doesn't provide any other way to configure this. I was facing issue related to PowerPoint. And I configured the same through that option, it worked. Vista basically locates applications based on file through the extension. So for the mail there is a valid extension and the associated program. There are some third party software. But they are not enough good to use.

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