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Thread: Email - Cannot delete items from Deleted Items folder

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    Email - Cannot delete items from Deleted Items folder

    I am using Windows Vista and Windows Mail with it. There is some problem that I am facing with the email messages that I have deleted. This messages go into the deleted message folder no doubt but I am not able to empty them from the same folder. When I try to empty them then I get the following error message:

    Message could not be displayed
    Windows Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again.

    How can I fix this problem?

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    Have you tried compacting and repairing the databes and checked if that is working for you? You can also try to delete the "WindowsMail.MSMessageStore" on your computer and see if that fixes the issue? You can go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Maintenance > Store Folder to find the message store location and then try to move everything that is present there to another directory. After that you can restart the Windows Mail and it will start to open like a newly before. After that you can try to add the accounts and if they are working properly then you can go to File > Import > Messages and select Windows Mail format pointing to the directory from where you moved the files.

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    There is a hotfix supplied for messages that may be stuck in the Outbox when you use Windows Mail on a computer that is running Windows Vista. The first step that you should take to resolve this problem is to download and install the following update for Windows Vista. After you apply the update, you should be able to delete the messages that are stuck in the Outbox. Download it from here -

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