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Thread: Vista Mail will receive Yahoo mail, but not send Yahoo mail! Help

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    Vista Mail will receive Yahoo mail, but not send Yahoo mail! Help

    I have Windows Vista on my computer and Windows mail is not able to send mail even after configuring and reconfiguring the pop address and server settings. I dont have any issues receiving all the mail from the Yahoo account and the error message that I am getting is:

    Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Subject 'Trying to purchase a set of non-rx lenses, Please help!', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10053, Error
    Number: 0x800CCC0F

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The most common causes of the error messages that you are getting is because of some problem with Internet connectivity and account settings configured incorrectly in Outlook or Outlook Express. First, make sure that you are connected to the Internet. To troubleshoot it further you have to check the different resolutions that is given on this website -

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