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Thread: spell check fix.

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    spell check fix.

    I am using Windows Vista Home edition with Windows mail as my default email client. Since yesterday don’t know what went wrong it is not checking any spell errors. Whenever I create new email and click to Spell check or tap F7, instead of correcting the mistakes it gives me an error saying

    "This language is no longer available for spell checking. Please select another in the spelling options dialog"

    I saw the help menu and found its settings under Tools > Options > Spelling. But there is already English selected. What else I need to do to fix this?

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    Re: spell check fix.

    There are millions of Windows mail users facing this problem. Even I was among theme but finally managed to find the fastest and working solution for the same. What you need to do is go to Tools > Options > Spelling. Here click the triangle next to the selected language and choose any other language. Click Apply.

    Now click the triangle again and choose English again. Click Apply > OK. And you are done.

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    Thanks for the sharing the fix agarwalm11, it really works. After selecting the English language I selected always check

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    Hey guys even am facing the spell check problem but your solutions doesn’t seems to be working for me.

    My windows mail says that “You currently do not have a dictionary installed for the selected language. No choice of language was offered.”

    Where can I get the required dictionary for Windows mail.

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