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Thread: Windows Mail restarts after closing

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    Windows Mail restarts after closing

    Whenever I close Windows mail then it stops working and gives error message that a problem has occurred and I have to click on the button in the error message box to close the program. Again, reopening it I am getting another error message that Windows Mail did not shut down correctly. While in other cases, when I click on the Close button then Windows Mail will restart itself simply and I dont know why is that happening. Any ideas?

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    This is a known issue in Windows Vista Service Pack 1. To work around the issue, disable the e-mail scanning antivirus software. For more information about how to do this, see the product documentation, or contact the software provider. After turning off email scanning, remove your mail accounts, then close and reopen OE or WinMail, and then add your accounts back again. This will "fix" any changes that the antivirus software made to the account settings. Removing the mail account will not remove any messages.

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    If you have any one of these Norton and McAfee antivirus installed in your computer then they cause many issues in Windows Mail. Therefore it is recommended that you should uninstall both of this antivirus from your system and then run the cleaup utility to fix the problem. After that you will also have to remove the email account under Windows Mail and then re-create it again to finish the cleanup procedure. Then you can go with some different alternative antivirus software like Avast or Avg which come for free.

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