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Thread: Cannot Open Attachments

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    Cannot Open Attachments

    Facing very critical problem with my Windows mail client. I had made a settings to block certain attachments in email. But as I have to receive few very important attachments, I removed the blocking security.

    Now when I got the mails with attachment, when I click it open nothing happens. I might have clicked more than 25 times, it just wont open and no error as well. I thought I could open it by saving it to desktop. When I click on Save As, it says ďcannot execute command".

    I donít know what it is but the attachment is very important. Can someone please tell me what is the problem?

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    Re: Cannot Open Attachments

    Which security program you used for blocking the attachments? You may need to disable it. Also if you are using Norton or McAfee than you should immediately remove them because they have been proved non compatible with Windows Mail and keep on creating problems.

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    Re: Cannot Open Attachments

    Hey even Iím struggling with similar problem. I have already disabled my Antivirus, unticked all security settings. But still when I try saving any of my Windows mail attachment, I get an error message saying

    ďThere was an error saving one or more of your attachments. Please check your free disk space and try again.Ē

    Now thatís really a ridiculous error because am using 1GB RAM and still there is 130GB HDD space free.

    Any help?

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    RE: Cannot Open Attachments

    This may sound funny but have worked for me. Though I donít have security settings checked, no email scanner running, still sometimes I get this problem where I just cannot save or open attachments. In such cases I only reboot my machine once and next time when I try opening or saving the attachments, it works properly.

    If yu want, you can give it a try.

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