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Thread: Import Email of Outlook Express 6 (XP) for Windows Mail (Vista)

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    Import Email of Outlook Express 6 (XP) for Windows Mail (Vista)


    I recently installed Windows Vista on a brand new desktop computer. Also setup Vista mail. Earlier I was using Outlook Express 6 on Windows XP that contains all my important emails and accounts. As am now shifting to Vista, I want to import all those mails and accounts to Vista mail.

    Can anyone here please tell me if it is possible? If yes, please let me know how. Thanks for all your helps.

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    Re: Import Email of Outlook Express 6 (XP) for Windows Mail (Vista)

    Yeah, sure you can do import mails from Outlook 6 (xp) to vista mail. Below are the steps for the same but is bit lengthy. Make sure you complete the process properly or will not work. Here we go:

    • First of all make a folder under C drive on Vista and name it as ‘Old Mail’
    • Go to XP and copy all DBX files including folders.dbx file from Outlook Ex 6 to the folder you just created (C:\Old Mail)
    • Now open Vista mail and click File > Import > Messages.
    • Choose Outlook Express 6 and click on Next.
    • Make sure to select ‘Import Mail from an OE6 store directory’ and click OK.
    • At last you need to click ‘Browse’ that will open an Explorer.

    Here in this explorer you will see 3 panes out of which the 2 in left are important for us and then only the one named FOLDERS is one we want to look thru, it's the one with the scrollbar. On the top of the explorer you find an triangle icon, click the same and select Computer that will show up your entire hard drive. Just browse to the folder you created in the start with name “Old Mail”. Delete the text Old Mail from the Folder line and then press the Select Folder button on the bottom right. Yes it should be empty. If the folder is selected properly, just click on Import and press NEXT. That’s it. You will be done.

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