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Thread: Sync between Windows mail on Laptop and Desktop

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    Sync between Windows mail on Laptop and Desktop

    I am running Windows Vista on my both my laptop and the desktop computer that I own. I am able to share any files including the media properly without any issues. But I wanted to know whether I can sync Windows Mail? I want the contact information as well, so can anyone tell me a way on how to achieve this goal. Thanks.

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    You can copy the messages which are actually individual eml files that you can copy from computer to laptop and easily drag those files into Windows Mail folder by going in Windows Explorer. Also, the contacts are stored as individual files. You can check for more information on this website -

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    Even I was facing similar kind of problems but now I have resolved it with ease. In Windows Mail I went into Extra and then in all my accounts double clicked on the account and then went into the Advanced tab. Here we will see Delivery at the bottom and so we need to tap the square by just leaving a copy on the server. Now the messages will be availble for download on the desktop as well as the laptop.

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