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Thread: Migrate Outlook 2003 to Windows Vista mail

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    Migrate Outlook 2003 to Windows Vista mail

    I am having Windows Vista installed on my computer and I am not able to use any pst files on it, so I was wondering how to transfer my Outlook 2003 files in the same operating system? I have checked that Office 2007 Student is not having the Outlook in it anymore. Is there any solution for this problem. Thanks for any replies.

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    The only way you can transfer the pst file is by having Outlook on your computer. Since there are no ways know still to import directly a pst file to a Windows Mail client, until the time you dont have Outlook installed on your pc. So, what you can do is from an old XP machine you can take the Outlook and then use it to export messages to Outlook Express on that machine and then import from those exported messages into Windows Mail.

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    I have found a way to get the pst file from the old Outlook program to the Windows Mail. All you have to do is first save the pst file on your pc and then install the trial version of Office 2007 and choose only Outlook to be installed on your Vista machine. After that you have to Start Windows Mail and then import from the outlook that you have installed on your computer and when the process is done, simply uninstall the trial version of Office 2007. Hope this helps.

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