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Thread: Spell check

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    Spell check

    I am using Windows Mail since long time on Vista laptop. Everything was working fine without any problem but donít know what went wrong suddenly now spell check stopped working in windows mail. Even when I press F7 to check the spell, nothing happens.

    Somebody please help me out fixing this. I have tried everything I know but nothing worked.

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    I have seen many people facing the same problem with Windows mail. To fix it you just need to change the spell language to something else and change it back again to English. It will work. To do this, follow the steps given below:

    • Launch Windows mail and Click Tools.
    • Click Options and select Spelling.
    • You will see a triangle next to the selected language. Click the same and select any other language. Click Apply.
    • Now see click it again and change it back to English. And click Apply > OK.

    Thatís it. Now restart Windows mail and try writing new message. Spell check should work now.

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    Seems like I wasnít alone with this problem. Hey, Iím also facing the Spell check problem with my Windows mail. And the steps you mentioned doesnít seems to be working for me. When I go to Spell options and click triangle there are not other languages available rather English.

    What should I do?

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    If am not wrong Windows Mail uses the language installed with your operating system (Vista). So I think you donít have any language pack installed on your computer hence there is no option for selecting languages. So what you can do it try restoring your computer to any latest restore point and see if it works. Just donít forget to take backup of your emails, accounts and contacts.

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    Re: Spell check

    I will suggest you to just quit using Windows Mail and upgrade to Windows Live Mail. It is much better in performance and bit advanced. This is also free and you can download it from here Dont worry, you can import all emails an accounts easily from WM to WLM.

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