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Thread: Convert EML to DBX?

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    Convert EML to DBX?

    Recently I have started using windows vista mail, I want to convert windows mail to EML Files to one single chunk to Outlook Express DBX file, can you please tell me how I can do this ? I am searching for the solution but I am not able to find the same.

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    You will need to copy all the eml files by doing the drag and drop method into the Windows Explorer folder. After that you will have to copy that same folder to Windows XP system that is running Outlook Express. After that, in Outlook Express, you will have to open a local mail folder and then open the folder that is having the eml files. Now again you will have to drag and drop it from the Windows Explorer to the local mail folder. Hope that this helps.

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    Re: Convert EML to DBX?

    One should use email converter utility to convert one's EML files into DBX files. This is the one and only safe and result oriented option anyone has. Because sometimes one tries to solve the problem manually, and due to that the files can be corrupted or they can lost the data inside the. So one should always choose software utility to convert his or her emails files.
    There is a email converter tool of sysinfo tools which can help one to convert DBX files into EML files, vice-versa or other emails files conversion.
    One must check it once for better results. I used it several times.

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