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Thread: Windows Mail v Office Outlook 2007

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    Windows Mail v Office Outlook 2007

    I wanted to know whether microsoft is planning to promote Windows Contacts, calendar and windows mail as cosumer products then I am not going to use office 2007 and outlook anymore. It is really frustrating to install software that we dont use anymore and it also hampers down the computer's performance and also takes up too much hard drive space. But in any case, I would like your opinion about what would you choose between Windows Mail and Office Outlook 2007. Thanks for any replies in advance.

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    The main interest of Outlook 2007 is its ergonomic user interface and the fact that any one can get used to its centralized application.

    You can tell yourself: in Vista, there are almost the same functionality but with several different software and plus many more.

    On the other hand, Office 2007 is a paid product, you may well want to read your mails without necessarily having to buy a license, so we take what is provided with the base OS :)

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    There is too much confusion in this thread. Outlook 2007 (or older) is a professional tool from the same microsoft company within the meaning of the term. Indeed, sharing calendars, appointment requests, connecting to Exchange, contacts and global contacts fields, etc, tools are purely professional. However these tools are only stored on local machine. Apart from that Windows Mail cannot connect to Live account mail, contacts and calendars cannot be (or not just in any case) exported and are non-shareable. For personal use Outlook 2007 brings you nothing but the heaviness compared to WLM, where it offers mainly tools for collaborative work.

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