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Thread: Solution for "cannot delete emails in Windows 7 Live"

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    Solution for "cannot delete emails in Windows 7 Live"

    I recently bought a new Dell Desktop with i7 processor. It came pre-installed with Windows 7. Everything is working fine except as small problem in Windows Mail. Whenever I go to delete any mail, I use to get an error saying something like there is an unknown error.

    So far tried many things but nothing works. This is happening only with my POP3 accounts. I tried searching web but only people facing this problem on Vista but havenít tried their solutions on my system as it is windows 7.

    Can you guys please just confirm whether those solutions will be applied on Win7 as well ? If not, how can I fix my problem on this pc?

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    Re: Solution for "cannot delete emails in Windows 7 Live"

    Yes, you can apply the solutions you saw for Vista on Windows 7 as well and they actually work. Also you must be knowing that Windows 7 and Vista as many similarities in features, options or menus. And if we talk about Vista Mail or Windows 7 mail, they are basically Windows Mail. Hence options and solutions are same for both of them.

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