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Thread: Corrupted Windows Mail

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    Corrupted Windows Mail

    From past few days I am continuously getting a prompt that says "The message store has been corrupted by an application external to windows mail. Windows mail has been able to successfully recover from this corruption. (0x00000000)". After that it tries to restore all the deleted emails from the past few days and also adds new folders and dates. After when they all are recovered then I can only see the headers and there will be no content in them. Previously my computer had Confiker Virus and it seems to start around the same time. Can anyone tell me whats going on?

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    There are some problems with some antivirus like Norton and Mcafee with Windows Mail. Therefore they should be uninstalled from the computer. Also while installing some other antivirus also choose the custom install so that you get an option to disable the email scanning in the antivirus. If turning off the antivirus still doesnt fix the problem for you then you can try to upgrade to Windows Live Mail since it is less prone to this antivirus effects.

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    Re: Corrupted Windows Mail

    Ancient thread, but it's relevant to our issue.

    I had been using Microsoft Windows Live Mail for my emails because it has a really neat way of dividing up my assorted email accounts so I can look at the emails coming and going to one account at a time or I can look at them all at once (see attached screen shots). But it occasionally lost emails....telling me the content had been lost even though I thought it was on my hard drive....and then it had some kind of weird crash, told me it had recovered, and threw the works into "recovered items" only I can't find most of it there.

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    Re: Corrupted Windows Mail

    i would like to suggest you the folliwng steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this first open the windows mail on your system and after that go to the file option. nwo on the file option make click on the import and after that select the message. now click on the windows mail and after that hit the next. first make certain import mail from a windows mail saved to selected location. make hit on the browser and aftre that locate the windows mail folder ( normally:C:\Users\<user account>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mai). now once you locate that and after that choose the folder and then hit next. now select the all folder to import or make hit on the Selected folders and select which message folders you want to import and after that hit the next and then finish.

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