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Thread: How to create an association in set association control panel

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    How to create an association in set association control panel

    As you can understand from my question what I am asking. I need help to create or set file association via control panel. I am not able to do that. I had find some articles but they are too complicated to understand. I went into program/default. i want to configure Windows email to my favorite email client.

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    That is the only place from where you can set program defaults. I do not think there is any other option available for that. You can set your default email client, office applications through that only. I think you are not able to set the mail client. There are some settings in Windows by which you can set the email client as your default application when you keep on using it.

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    re: How to create an association in set association control panel

    I am new to computers and only have about a years experience on it I also ran into this problem with creating a set association in order to open a program. What I found works is to go into Control Panel, clk. Programs (in the new CP in classic clk. Default Programs) after Programs clk. Default Programs, in the next window, clk. Set your Default programs, at the top of the box. In the next pop up there is a box and on the left side box is a title Programs at the top of the box with a list of programs underneath it. Clk on one of the programs and to the rgt there is a statement a little below the middle of the program box. The statement says either the program has all of its defaults or it will say that only 1 of 2, or 3 of 7 (as an example) are working, this is where you create a set association. I believe I clkd on Set this program as default. After that it automatically fills in the missing default programs which is also creating a set association. Go through all the programs in the box to ensure that all default programs are 100% for each program, then check whatever problem you are having to see if you are getting the error message or not. As I have said I am new to computers so I don't know if this will solve every set association problem but this solved my problem which sounds an awful like everyone elses problem.

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