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Thread: How do I insert a .pdf into body of email message?

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    How do I insert a .pdf into body of email message?

    Hi, am using Windows Mail for all my POP3 and IMAP accounts on Vista Computer. I know we can insert jpeg in mail body but can we insert PDF files in the same ?

    If yes, please let me know how. Thank you.

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    In windows mail you cannot insert PDF files. If it is very important you can just attach it with the mail. Alternatively you can also try out using Snipping Tool from Start> Programs > Accessories and take series screen shots of the document. Later you can insert the same with your mail.

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    Re: How do I insert a .pdf into body of email message?

    The problem is it is an business kind of email, and such people wont open the attachment. Infact most of the time these attachments get deleted due to their security features. And what am trying to send is Press Release of our company. So I was thing it would have been good it I could have insert it with few images.

    BTW, Iíll see what I can do and Thanks a lot for your helps.

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    Re: How do I insert a .pdf into body of email message?

    could you explain how you did it with paint?
    i'm running into the same problem with inserting a .pdf file into my email so it shows up not as an attachment

    thank you

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