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Thread: How to convert from Outlook Express to Office Outlook?

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    How to convert from Outlook Express to Office Outlook?

    Hi, earlier I was using Outlook Express for all my POP3 accounts. I was using this since years and hence was containing huge data (emails). Two days ago suddenly my system crashed due to unknown reason but fortunately I was having the backup of all my emails. Now I did a fresh Vista install on a laptop and configured Outlook 2007 as email client.

    Now the problem am facing is I want to import the email’s backup I have in DBX file in Outlook 2007 but there seems to be no option. I tried doing the same by clicking Files > Import in Outlok but that don’t work.

    Any Suggestions please?

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    Re: How to convert from Outlook Express to Office Outlook?

    Hello OviYan, you must always post your query in proper section to get proper help. This is not the section for Outlook, it is for Windows Vista Mail.

    Anyways, as far as your query is concerned let me tell you that you cannot import Outlook Express data into Outlook directly. It is just impossible. The process for the same is to first import OE’s .dbx files into Windows mail on Vista and than move it to Outlook.

    Simply it is: Outlook Express > Windows Mail > Outlook 2007.

    Hope you got it.

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    Re: How to convert from Outlook Express to Office Outlook?

    Hi dear,

    let me tell you one thing that emails files of any file format can't be imported to other emails accounts without converting their file formats, i.e. you can't import your DBX files of Outlook Express to MS Outlook without converting DBX files into PST files. And you just need a software application for email conversion of sysinfotools which can convert file formats your emails. It helps you to convert your DBX files into PST files format and after that you can easily import your emails files from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. Just check its free trial version. It will surely help you as it helped me.

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