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Thread: An error occurred while initializing MAPI

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    An error occurred while initializing MAPI

    Am trying to export windows mail to export a email into Microsoft Exchange but haven’t got it done yet because of an error message that keeps on prompting ever time stating “The export could not be preformed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI”

    I don’t have any idea how I can fix this error. Can anyone here help me getting rid of this? Thank you.

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    Re: An error occurred while initializing MAPI

    To get rid of this error the very simple solution is Outlook must be installed on the computer on which you are carrying out this process. Is it installed ? If not, install it now and make sure that it is setup with the profile containing pst file attached.

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    Alrigth buddy. So that is the problem. I was having Outlook installed earlier but removed it. Anyway, will install it again as you said and will let you know if the problem occurs. Thanks by the way.

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    Re: An error occurred while initializing MAPI

    Hello friend, did you managed to fix your problem? I’m also facing the error “MAPI initialization failure” while exporting emails from WM to OL 2003.

    I tried exporting with outlook as well as without outlook but the same error appear. Also tried repairing Office with the original Office installation disk yet no help.

    Any other solution?

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