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Thread: Export Outlook 2007 to Windows Mail

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    Export Outlook 2007 to Windows Mail

    I bought a new laptop 3 months ago that came with Windows Vista Home premium installed, So far I was using Outlook 2007 as default client but now as outlook seems to slowing down my PC, I thought to switch to Windows Mail. Hence I tried talking backup of emails, contacts, etc from Outlook 2007. When I go to File> Import and Export, it asks me to save file in format. Which format should I save the files that can be imported to Windows Mail?

    There are various formats given such as :
    • Comma separated values (DOS)
    • Comma separated values (Windows)
    • Microsoft Access 97-2003
    • Microsoft Excel 97-2003
    • Personal Folder File (*.pst)
    • Tab Separated Values (DOS)
    • Tab Separated Values (Windows)

    Any advice please?

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    Re: Export Outlook 2007 to Windows Mail

    Usually it becomes very difficult while importing Outlook from another PC to Windows Mail on another PC. But as both of these apps are on the same pc in your case, you can do it easily by saving the files in Comma Separated Values (choice between DOS and Windows). Once done, open Windows mail and go to File > Import > Windows Contacts > CSV. That its. Your contacts will be imported easily.

    Same stands for Mails/messages as well. Just click File> Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook (or Exchange). That’s it.

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    Re: Export Outlook 2007 to Windows Mail

    Hey, thanks a lot for the help Techguru01. That was really easy. I have imported everything from Outlook to Windows Mail and is working fine. I wanted to know one more thing if you don’t mind. Does Windows mail keeps the messages folders somewhere in the local folders? If yes, where is it located?

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    Yep, it saves the message on your system itself. In order to know where it is, just open Windows Mail, go to Tools, options click Advanced , click Maintenance and click on Store Folder. Copy the location. This is your store folder.

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