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Thread: Embed swf in email

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    Embed swf in email

    Hi, am using Windows Mail on Vista Home edition. I donít have problem this time with the same. I just wanted to know if it possible to send and email with EMBEDDED .swf file with windows mail? I donít want to attach the file. As it is the Christmas greeting, I want to embed it in the message body. It its possible please let me know how. Thank you.

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    Re: Embed swf in email

    Yes, there is possibility to embed swf in mail body with Windows Mail but the problem is it wonít be visible to the recipient. Neither in Windows mail, outlook or any web based mail because such contents get stripped because of the security measure or the default settings. They will need to change their settings manually to see such contents in the email body.

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    Re: Embed swf in email

    Yeah, thatís correct. I donít know about the web based clients, but if your recipient is using Outlook or Windows mail (Microsoft products) than he will manually need to change their email security setting set to "Internet zoneĒ manually.

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    Re: Embed swf in email

    Thanks a lot T.J., that was very simple. I tried sending to my another PC using Outlook and it looks working after changing the email security settings. Will try to make my recipients do this. Thank you.

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