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Thread: Mail keeps asking for User Name and Password

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    Whenever I am trying to open Windows Mail then a Windows security window opens up asking for my user name and password. If I put everything properly then Windows Mail will work normally as it should. And I have also checked the "Remember my credentials" thing when putting my user name and password. I have Mcafee installed on my system and it usually sometime reports that "Privacy Service shut down unexpectedly and Personal Information Protection is now disabled" and "Privacy Service shut down unexpectedly and Parental Controls is now disabled." Can anyone tell me what is going on here.

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    Have you checked whether the 'Secure Password Authentication' is turned on or so? If so you need to turn it off by going opening the Windows Mail and then going to Tools and then Accounts. After that left click to highlight your account and click on Properties. Then go to the Servers tab and see if "'Log on using Secure Password Authentication" box is checked, if it is then uncheck it immediately and it will disable the log on feature. Also, when you are in the Servers tab then check that you have entered your email account password in the Password field and also check the settings and select the radio button to 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server'. Hope that this helps.

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    I just started having this problem also with vista. did everything you mentioned above, and still get the prompts. The password box in the servers window is blanked out very time you exit the screen. Here is the error message when you hit cancel on the id/passwork prompt.

    Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Missing argument', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92

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    I have the same Username & Password problem. The error shows as below.

    Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR authorization failed', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92

    Just to add I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed.

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    Re: Mail keeps asking for User Name and Password

    Mine is doing the same thing for about the last 3 days. It must be something Microsoft has done.
    I have tried everything above and still no good. No anti virus running, delete accounts, etc., etc., etc. Name and password every time you send or receive email.
    Live mail won't install, it comes up with an error.
    It took every thing in me to not smash this thing on the floor and go get a new Mac. My old one got stepped on and broke. I went with windows for business reasons and have regretted it ever since. WINDOWS SUCKS! You have to be a computer expert just to keep it working.

    Also every time I open IE it has 3 pop ups in a row saying it has to change my search provider, and of course it changes to Bing. It won't let you make any changes to anything.
    It takes at least 15 min. and 10 try’s to connect to the internet.
    It won't allow Firefox to run.
    It won't allow some of my other non Microsoft programs to run either, like Open office. Then it recommends that I use Microsoft Word. Of course I only have the crap version that came with the computer. So it's like looking at the TV and trying to make changes on it. Totally worthless!
    I have purchased 2 so called "Fix everything" programs and they didn't do anything. I downloaded all the Microsoft scanners, fixers, etc. but they say no problems found. I have spent at least 12 hours trying to get it back working. One more day like yesterday, spending over an hour trying to get something to print and this computer becomes a clay Pigeon.
    If anyone can help and save me the $500 loss I would be forever in your debt. Well... I wouldn't really say “Forever” more like for a really, really long time.

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    Re: Mail keeps asking for User Name and Password

    Have you tried enabling SSL ?

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    Re: Mail keeps asking for User Name and Password

    I tried turning my AVG off & did not fix the problem... i simply deleted the account... after saving all the pertinent info.. then re-added it & had no issue after that... yet, anyway... pain in the butt, but fixed it.

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    Re: Mail keeps asking for User Name and Password

    dear sir,

    recently updated rediffmail in Windows live mail, but every time is is asking authorisation for user name and password. following massage has come.
    Please give me suitable solution for this problem.


    Server Error: 0x800CCC90
    Server Response: -ERR authorization failed
    Server: ''
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC92
    Protocol: POP3
    Port: 110
    Secure(SSL): No

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    Re: Mail keeps asking for User Name and Password

    I can see that this thread is rather old, but I hope somebody can still help me!!!

    Unfortunately, I am experiencing this very same problem on my PC.
    I am the PC Administrator and my wife and son are Users.
    All the following has been done in my 'side' (Administrator), but we have the same problem in all three accounts.

    I have Vista and McAfee and for about a week now, when I open Windows Mail a 'new' Windows Security
    window opens asking for my User Name and Password. When I respond to this request and click on the OK button, the Windows Security box opens again as if asking the same thing for the first time. I have tried to check and uncheck the save data checkbox below, but it makes no difference.
    I have also followed your suggestion of opening Windows Mail > Tools > Accounts > Left click to highlight my account, then click the Properties button and in Properties and under the 'Server' tab, 'Log on using Secure Password Authentication' box is unchecked, but it doesnít disable the log on feature.

    On the Server tab, I have also entered my email account & password (I found it blank the first time and I have tried different account names & passwords, with no luck.

    I have also clicked settings and selected the radio button: 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server'.
    Again no success.

    I need urgently to set Windows Mail back on track as my wife and I both use it constantly for work and canít go without it.
    I am also very worried that if I need to reinstall Windows Mail or upgrade to Windows Live Mail, I might loose all my wife, son and my saved mail and that would be a 'gigantic disaster'!

    Please help!!! Thank you.

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